Tingbjerg is a diverse neighbourhood in Brønshøj-Husum 8 km northwest of central Copenhagen. The area is one of Denmark’s biggest public housing areas with about 6.900 residents.

Tingbjerg is enriched with a large ethnic diversity contributing to a plentitude of different languages, cultures and traditions.

Social and health challenges characterize the area around Tingbjerg. Fortunately, many strong local resources exist in the area. Both amongst citizens and within the comprehensive social development plans jointly funded by the national housing fund, Landsbyggefonden, and the Municipality of Copenhagen.

The social development plan for 2016-2020 is implemented by the social housing associations of Tingbjerg.

These strong local resources constitute the foundation the partnership Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes.

Visit Tingbjerg Forum website to read about activities and urban developments in Tingbjerg.

Read more about TCD’s activities and projects under initiatives.

You can for instance read about 'Fælleshaven' (the social community garden); a combined indoor and outdoor setting in the heart of Tingbjerg that constitute a very active meeting point in Tingbjerg.

Contact information:

Research manager Paul Bloch: +45 3091 2920

Mail: paul.bloch@regionh.dk

Project coordinator Marie Petri: +45 2117 5091

Mail: marie.petri@regionh.dk