The Community Garden

In the heart of Tingbjerg lies a little oasis. A combined indoor and outdoor setting known as the Community Garden. This project is a melting pot for citizens to develop ideas and receive practical and technical support to establish social gardening activities and projects - spanning from vegetable and herbal farming in raised beds to beekeeping and poultry keeping or income-generating production of soft drinks based on herbal extracts.

There is a special focus on the concept of "the urge to act" in the Community Garden. The residents and local actors has highlighted "the urge to act" as a important beacon and element for the place and its activities. "The urge to act" is defined in a broad sense as contributing or working, which provides space for diverse activities carried out by the residents and the local actors.

The Community Garden is supported by a core partnership between the Social Housing Associations of FSB and KAB, Copenhagen Hospitality College, Copenhagen Municipality, and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and Copenhagen Hospitality College. 

Multiple other stakeholders, incl. local associations, organisations and enterprises, are involved and contribute to the development of the community garden.

The Community Garden consists of various activities and projects that are developed and run by residents and local actors. In the Community Garden you find:

  • The resident garden with 60 garden plots where residents can grow their own vegetables and herbs

  • The community restaurant 'Virketrang' where residents cook and arrange soup kitchens

  • Leisure job café, where young people can get help with writing job applications.

  • A wood- and bicycle shop where you can repair your bike, work on other small construction projects, etc.

  • The sewing and design workshop 'Igne: Oya'

  • A domed greenhouse with seating for 10 residents, run by a garden board

  • A hen house with room for 10 residents, run by a garden board

  • FRAK's soft drink production 'Ukrudt' based on weed 

  • Internships for adult residents with a low labour market attachment, run in collaboration with the employment and social departments of Municipality of Copenhagen

Contact information:

Research manager Paul Bloch: +45 3091 2920


Project coordinator Marie Petri: +45 2117 5091