Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes

Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes (TCD) builds on partnerships, organised around a Coordination Group of professional practice partners providing administrative, logistical and technical support to community-based stakeholders involved in processes of defining, planning and implementing activities and projects in their neighbourhood.


The Coordination Group closely interacts with a Research Group of professional research partners to exchange ideas, provide assistance, coordinate actions and optimise data collection and knowledge management processes. 


The Coordination Group is directed by a Steering Committee of decision-makers from key partner institutions.

Partners include: Brønshøj-Husum Local Political Committee; Copenhagen Hospitality College; Copenhagen Municipality (culture, day-care, health, employment, and social departments); Gerlev Center for Play and Movement; Madkulturen (a self-governing food institution); Social Housing Associations of FSB and KAB; Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen; Capital Region of Denmark; Svanholm (an organic production farm); University of Aalborg; University of Copenhagen; University of Southern Denmark.

Cities Changing Diabetes

TCD is closely related to the international Cities Changing Diabetes programme.

Cities Changing Diabetes was launched in 2014 by Novo Nordisk, University College London and the Steno Diabetes Center with the belief that the growing prevalence of diabetes is not inevitable. In collaboration with cities around the world, the programme have established new approaches that help communities understand their unique set of diabetes challenges, identify areas and populations at greatest risk, and design targeted interventions that can put change in motion.

Copenhagen - including Tingbjerg -  is one of many cities worldwide joining Cities Changing Diabetes.

Read more about Cities Changing Diabetes.

Contact information:

Research manager Paul Bloch: +45 3091 2920

Mail: paul.bloch@regionh.dk

Project coordinator Marie Petri: +45 2117 5091

Mail: marie.petri@regionh.dk