Podcast series: Together on health in Tingbjerg


In this podcast series, we learn more about some of the many projects and activities in Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes. 

Food communities in Tingbjerg

In this episode we participate at a food courses for families. The course is a collaboration between Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Copenhagen Hospitality College and Tingbjerg Forum. We explore how you as a professional health-agent can help promote health and well-being among residents in a socially disadvantaged neighborhood by cooperating with professional actors working in the area, and not least, by involving the residents in planning activities based on their interests and resources.

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Madfællesskaber i Tingbjerg - Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes
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Contact information:

Research manager Paul Bloch: +45 3091 2920

Mail: paul.bloch@regionh.dk

Project coordinator Marie Petri: +45 2117 5091

Mail: marie.petri@regionh.dk