Podcast series: Together on health in Tingbjerg

The risk of developing diabetes and other chronic diseases are significantly higher in socially disadvantaged neighborhoods than in other areas.

In this podcast series, we learn more about some of the many projects and activities in Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes which are focusing on resident-involving prevention and health interventions.

These interventions are made to improve the social life, the fellowship and the health of residents in Tingbjerg.

Food communities in Tingbjerg

In this episode we participate at a food courses for families. The course is a collaboration between Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Copenhagen Hospitality College and Tingbjerg Forum.

We explore how you as a professional health-agent can help promote health and well-being among residents in a socially disadvantaged neighborhood by cooperating with professional actors working in the area, and not the least, by involving the residents in planning activities based on their interests and resources.

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Madfællesskaber i Tingbjerg - Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes
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From Tingbjerg to Svanholm

What happens when a group of residents from Tingbjerg leaves the city to participate in organic farming at Svanholm?

You will find out in this podcast, which tells the story of the residents' journey to 'Frederiksund', where the Svanholm Farm os located. Svanholm is one of Denmarks oldest organic agricultural collective. Here the residents receive different ingredients in exchange for their voluntary work in the fields


In the podcast we for instance meet Abdul, who is a trained agronomist. He has a dream of setting up beehives in Tingbjerg. "Without bees, humans would die," he says in the podcast, as he gets closer to the bees and nature together with the beekeeper Toke from Svanholm.


Listen to the whole story of Abdul and learn more about other participants' experiences from the urban-rural collaboration between Tingbjerg and Svanholm in the podcast, which you will find in Danish) using the links below:

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Contact information:

Research manager Paul Bloch: +45 3091 2920

Mail: paul.bloch@regionh.dk

Project coordinator Marie Petri: +45 2117 5091

Mail: marie.petri@regionh.dk