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About Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes:

Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes (TCD) is a long-term strategic initiative that is about creating well-being, promoting the good, healthy life and preventing type 2 diabetes among Tingbjerg's residents.

TCD is built around a dynamic and versatile partnership that develops and implements local activities and projects. All activities and projects in Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes are co-created with Tingbjerg's citizens and local stakeholders and are therefore based on the local area's resources, interests, wishes and needs.


IDIT receives the Diabetes Association's Action Award 2023!

Integrated Diabetes Intervention in Tingbjerg in Copenhagen receives the award for strengthening the coherence of the treatment for vulnerable citizens living with type 2 diabetes, as well as their relatives.

Read more about project: "Integrated Diabetes Intervention" here and read more about the price here

Many exciting activities take place in the Community Garden and in general in Tingbjerg. If you want to see and read more about the activities, press the button below, which will take you to The Social Development Plan in Tingbjerg and Utterslevhuse's Facebook page:

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