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Restaurant Virketrang

Restaurant Virketrang

Restaurant Virketrang is a workshop-based community restaurant, where Tingbjerg's residents jointly cook for the restaurant's guests in different food workshops guided by the local professional chef.

The restaurant is developed and operated in collaboration between Copenhagen Hospitality College, Social Development Plan in Tingbjerg and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. Restaurant Virketrang originates from two cooking classes that were conducted in Tingbjerg in 2019
(Read more about them at the bottom of the page)

Restaurant Virketrang ... at home!

Due to the lockdown as a result af Covid-19 we could not meet and cook the food as usual. So while the restaurant was closed for multiple weeks, the restaurant's partnership worked on various digital solutions and alternatives to the original restaurant concept. They experimented with short cooking videos with inspiration for instace rye bread baking, which was published on the Community Garden's Facebook page, and a meal box event was arranged with the title 'Restaurant Virketrang - at home'. The goal was to get Tingbjerg's residents to eat together separately at a time when they could not meet physically.


The event involved the citizens passing by Restaurant Virketrang and picking up a box of ingredients with recipes and links to videos, which showed them how to prepare the food. Then it was up to the citizens to make their bid on the three-course menu. In the end, everyone had the pleasure of sinking their teeth into the delicious dishes, both together and separately at one and the same time.In this event, Højskole Uden Mure, Tingbjerg Cultural Center, Svanholm Farm and the local grocery store Lidl had joined Restaurant Virketrang.

Read more about the event on the common garden's facebook or on Virketrang - at your home.

Family Cooking Classes

         Cooking classes for          families with children

In 2018, Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes conducted a series of workshops and pilot courses on cooking for interested residents of the local community. In the evaluation of the course, the participants particularly expressed a desire to receive training in how to cook healthy food together with their children. On this basis, two courses on cooking for families with children were developed and completed in 2019.


Chefs from the Copenhagen Hospitality College taught parents and children how to cook together. The families' participated in the decision on which theme should be the focus from time to time. Common to all courses was an attention to health, taste, seasonal ingredients and cooking techniques. Cooking was always followed by communal eating and communal cleaning. 

The aim was to strengthen the families' food skills, eating habits, health and well-being, but also the relationships between children and parents, as well as the residents in between. The food courses were developed and carried out in collaboration between The Social Development Plan in Tingbjerg and Utterslevhuse, the Copenhagen Hospitality College, and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. In 2020, the concept was further developed into the resident restaurant Restaurant Virketrang.


Read more about the food courses and Restaurant Virketrang on this website
under the tab Dissemination - Popular science

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