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Restaurant Virketrang


Restaurant Virketrang is a workshop-based community restaurant, where Tingbjerg's residents jointly cook for the restaurant's guests in different food workshops guided by the local professional chef.


The restaurant is developed and operated in collaboration between Copenhagen Hospitality College, The Housing Social Plan in Tingbjerg and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. 


Restaurant Virketrang has the following specific purposes:


  • To support social community development and to create a local meeting place for social gathering across gender, ethnicity and age

  • To meet residents wishes and learning demands related to food communities, food literacy, education in food, nutrition and hospitality as well as entrepreneurship

  • To build bridges between Tingbjerg and surrounding neighborhoods and communities by mobilizing local resources and empowering Tingbjerg residents   

Restaurant Virketrang is not only a restaurant, but also a room for learning and a place for social gathering.


Participant needs, interests, opportunities and continuous learning constitute the heart of the project and must always shape the restaurant (for example in relation to menu and themes)


The menu is prepared by the professional chef of the community garden. And the menu is always based on seasonal ingredients with the potentials of learning in mind.


The restaurant is open every Wednesday. Workshop participants meet at 16.00 to cook and prepare the restaurant, and at 18.00 the dining guests arrive to enjoy a cheap, delicious meal for children and adults together.

Restaurant Virketrang ... at home!

Due to Corona virus we cannot meet and cook together as usual. To keep the community going, Restaurant Virketrang is organising an event where Tingbjerg can eat together, but at home.


At the event, Tingbjerg residents can stop by Restaurant Virketrang on May 27 and pick up a box of products and recipes, including links to instruction videos. Then they go home and cook their own personalized version of the three-course menu. Finally, everyone can enjoy a delicious meal, together and separately at the same time.


In this event, Højskole Uden Mure, Tingbjerg Community and Cultural Center, Svanholm Farm and the local grocery store Lidl have joined Restaurant Virketrang to make this concept a reality. 


Read more about the event on the community garden's facebook or at Virketrang - at your home.


Contact information:

Research manager Paul Bloch: +45 3091 2920


Project coordinator Marie Petri: +45 2117 5091