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Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes is constituted by a dynamic, cross sectional   partnership consisting of both development partners and academic partners. 

The Social Development Plan in Tingbjerg and Utterslevhuse under the Social Housing Associations of FSB and KAB, the Copenhagen Hospitality College (HRS), Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Copenhagen Municipality (including the Employment and Integration Administration; the Children and Youth Administration; the Culture and Leisure Administration; the Social Administration; and the Health and Care Administration) and Center for Diabetes are key partners. 

Other development partners include Madkulturen (a self-governing food institution), Gerlev Center for Play and Movement, Svanholm Farm, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. 

In addition, TCD collaborates with a number of local associations and organizations and institutions, including Brønshøj-Husum District Political Committee, Tingbjerg School, Tingbjerg Church, Tingbjerg Culture House, and the Municipality of Copenhagen's advanced employment efforts in Tingbjerg.  

Finally, TCD consists of several academic partners, which include Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, University of Aalborg, University of Southern Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. 

We characterize the partnership as dynamic since relevant partners - established as well as new - are always actively involved according to interests and needs in the development and implementation of specific activities and projects. Meanwhile, the wide span of the partnership ensures synergy and interdisciplinarity in the joint efforts of creating well-being and healthy everyday lives in Tingbjerg.



Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes receives funding from various sources.

Currently TCD is financially supported by:

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

In addition, TCD is also supported by
the different partners with payrolls,
time and material resources.

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