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On this page you can find all the reports and chapters that TCD has based their initiatives on regarding their work in Tingbjerg. You can also find all the reports and chapters that have been written based on TCD's research and work in Tingbjerg.



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Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes

Form:  Article in a professional journal

Release year:  August 2022

Publisher: Diætisten, No. 178

Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes is a social and health-promoting intervention that aims to promote health and well-being, including preventing diabetes and other chronic diseases and their complications, among the residents of Tingbjerg in north-west Copenhagen. The intervention is based on the understanding that health is conditioned by good social circumstances, and that it is possible to promote healthy everyday life in vulnerable residential areas via coordinated and integrated interventions across sectors and based on local citizen involvement and co-creation. The activities are carried out locally in a safe environment and include, among other things, the operation of a resident-run restaurant, courses in the area of food and hospitality, nature activities for families with children, herb and vegetable production in garden plots and greenhouses, textile, wood and bicycle workshops, chicken and beekeeping, internships for the socially vulnerable as well as support and backing for vulnerable citizens' meetings with the health care system.

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