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Co-creation & Community Action Research (CAR)

TCD research is build around the development, testing and evaluation of concrete initiatives. We work with:

Co-analysing the situation

Describing the characteristics of socially vulnerable local communities and neighborhoods

Co-creating interventions

Co-creating and co-implementing sustainable social and health promotion interventions in the local community

Co-evaluation actions

Empowering citizens to take ownership of the evaluation of interventions implemented in their own neighborhood

CAR model - UK.png

The implementation of TCD is operationalised by a Community Action Research (CAR) process design.

CAR is an iterative development process that combines reflection and analysis with action in local communities. With an origin in action research and participatory action research, CAR is a highly participatory approach used to engage citizens, professional practitioners and researchers in joint efforts to develop, implement, evaluate and improve community interventions in accordance with the six steps of the CAR cycle.

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