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Sustainable District

Sustainable District: Brønshøj – Husum – Tingbjerg (Bæredygtig Bydel) is an initiative under construction. It focuses on green conversion and sustainable development in Brønshøj, Husum and Tingbjerg. Several relevant activities and projects are already underway in the local community, but now they are gathered under a common theme and anchored in a network of local, municipal, regional and national stakeholders. The initiative is coordinated by The Social Development Plan in Tingbjerg and Utterslevhuse and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen.


Initially, the focus is on establishing and strengthening local communities, local productions and local economies. Existing projects rooted in the initiative include the Community Garden's apple orchard,
hen house, beekeeping, composting, bicycle workshop and clothing workshop, but also ongoing projects
with a focus on understanding nature, recycled food, barter economy, entrepreneurship and cafe
and restaurant operations fall within the scope of the initiative. All residents with an interest in
sustainability are welcome to take part in activities, workshops and projects that promote the residents' knowledge and competence regarding sustainability.     

Into the Nature
of Tingbjerg

Into the Nature of Tingbjerg is part of the Sustainable District initiative (Bæredygtig Bydel), which has the overall aim of strengthening the residents' collective commitment and participation in promoting the green transition and sustainable development in Tingbjerg. 


The overall purpose of the project is to make it easier, more social and attractive for families with children to be in nature and thus create new social communities for the area's families with children.

Into the Nature of Tingbjerg has the following specific objectives:

  • To create joint activities for children and their parents in Tingbjerg

  • To develop new natural communities and activities in Tingbjerg based on volunteering and mobilization of local resources

  • To contribute to the social and health-promoting development for Tingbjerg's families with children

Mohammed og familie-9.jpg

Atmospheric video from kick-off event

Into the Nature of Tingbjerg originates from the attempt to establish the initiative 'Nature Families' in Tingbjerg. Nature Families is an existing initiative made by the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, which also aims to get more families with children out into nature.
The Nature families project was initiated in Tingbjerg in
the spring of 2021, but the project was challenged by a lack of participation, and the necessary resources. The feeling of ownership were also not implemented sufficient enough ​
among parents and families during the start-up period.


To meet the previous challenge of low participation and ownership, Into the Nature of Tingbjerg is anchored in existing networks and supported by local stakeholders. For instance, Into the Nature of Tingbjerg works closely together with “Bydelsmødrene”, an existing project with focus on helping women who haven’t lived in Denmark for that long, and “Pigespejderne”, the local girl scouts of Tingbjerg.”

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