Her kan du se og læse alle de videnskabelige artikler og videnskabelig rapporter, der er skrevet om forskningen og arbejdet i forbindelse med Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes.


Three-year follow-up of a multi-component community-driven health promotion intervention in Denmark

Form: Videnskabelig Artikel

Forfatter: Amalie Krogh Pedersen, Ulla Toft, Paul Bloch

Fokus: The article presents a follow-up study of a multi-component community-driven health promotion intervention in Denmark. The study examines the perceptions and actions of professional stakeholders 3 years after completion of a 19 months intervention period addressing healthy living, well-being and social engagement among families with young children living in three rural communities on the Danish island of Bornholm. The intervention was implemented within the framework of Project Health and Local Community, also referred to as Project SoL. Qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted with diverse professional stakeholders of the project.


Supporting Positive Parenting and Promoting Healthy Living through Family Cooking Classes

Form: Videnskabelig Artikel

Forfatter: Mette K. Tørslev, Dicte B. Thøgersen, Ane H. Bonde, Paul Bloch, Annemarie Varming

Fokus: Focusing on a family cooking class program, this study addresses how community initiatives engaging parents and children together can contribute to integrating parenting support with local health promotion. The study found that visual, practical and sensory learning techniques, applied in a context-sensitive learning environment that ensured guidance, safety and a friendly social atmosphere, contributed to positive parent–child interaction and bonding. The cooking program facilitated parenting practices that support child involvement and autonomy. Thus, the program constituted an effective intervention to strengthen parent–child relationships and positive parenting.


Rules of Halves analysis for Copenhagen

Form: Videnskabelig Rapport

Forfatter: Astrid L. Holm, Gregers S. Andersen, Marit E. Jørgensen, Finn Diderichsen

Fokus: Novo Nordisk has launched the initiative Cities Changing Diabetes (CCD) to try to counter the rise in diabetes, specifically focused on the growing urban populations around the world. The aim of CCD is three-fold: First, the aim of the “Mapping”-phase is to conduct a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the epidemiology of diabetes and its correlated vulnerable populations. Second, the aim
of the “Sharing”-phase is that learning gained from the mapping will be used to build understanding both within and between the five focus cities. Finally, the aim of the “Action”-phase is to develop Action Plans in each of the focus cities in collaboration with local policy-makers, authorities, private and voluntary sector stakeholders, and based on these plans to initiate interventions and policies.


Form: Videnskabelig Artikel

Forfatter: Paul Bloch, Ulla Toft, Helene C. Reinbach, Laura T. Clausen, Bent E. Mikkelsen, Kjeld Poulsen & Bjarne B. Jensen 

Fokus: The supersetting approach is a relevant and useful conceptual framework for developing intervention-based initiatives for sustainable impact in community health promotion. It strives to attain synergistic effects from activities that are carried out in multiple settings in a coordinated manner. The supersetting approach is based on ecological and whole-systems thinking, and stipulates important principles and values of integration, participation, empowerment, context and knowledge-based development.


Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes: a protocol for a long-term Supersetting initiative to promote health and prevent type 2 diabetes among people living in an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse neighbourhood in Copenhagen, Denmark

Form: Videnskabelig Artikel

Forfatter: Mette K. Tørslev, Pernille T. Andersen, Asser V. Nielsen, Marie Petri, Tina Termansen, Henrik Vardinghus-Nielsen, Paul Bloch, Annemarie Varming

Fokus: Type 2 diabetes is an escalating public health problem closely related to socioeconomic position. There is increased risk of type 2 diabetes in disadvantaged neighbourhoods where education, occupation and income levels are low. Meanwhile, studies show positive health outcomes of participatory community interventions pointing towards the need for increased health promotion and prevention of type 2 diabetes in local communities. This study protocol describes Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes (TCD), a community-based health promotion and type 2 diabetes prevention initiative in Tingbjerg, a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Copenhagen, Denmark


Integreret Diabetesintervention i Tingbjerg

Form: Videnskabelig Rapport

Forfatter: Mathilde C. Boye, Marie D. Stets, Magnus P. Olsen, Mette K. Tørslev, Paul Bloch

Fokus: Initiativet Integreret Diabetesintervention i Tingbjerg beskriver en helhedsorienteret indsats for styrkelse af udsatte borgeres motivation og mulighed for at deltage i diabetesrelaterede indsatser i nærområdet. Indsatsen indbefatter forebyggelse og sundhedsfremme, tidlig og aktiv opsporing, samt professionel håndholdt støtte til deltagelse i komplikationsscreening og behandling for diabetes. Initiativet bygger på et partnerskab mellem centrale aktører i boligområdet og kommunen. Partnerskabet vil sikre, at der ydes støtte fra boligsociale medarbejdere og kommunale sundhedsvejledere til forbedring af mødet med borgerne og til styrkelse af brobygningen mellem boligområdet og sundhedssystemet.


Form: Videnskabelig Rapport

Forfatter: Paul Bloch & Maria Ea Sirkka Bjerg Sørensen

Fokus: This report addresses the social and structural environments of selected neighbourhoods in Copenhagen as perceived by socially active representatives of socially vulnerable population groups. Emphasis is on the degree to which the social and structural environments are conducive for social engagement and healthy living. The study was carried out within the framework of Cities Changing Diabetes (CCD) and contributes to the establishment of a CCD knowledge base on barriers and opportunities for interventions addressing the escalating problem of urban diabetes within CCD partner cities, including Copenhagen.